Just Medical Devices (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was established in 1958. It is the first domestic manufacturer of hip and knee joints and one of the most professional manufacturers of hip and knee joint products in China. Since its establishment, the company has developed hip joint products in four categories: ordinary primary, complex primary, revision and customized, more than 40 series, more than 1,000 specifications; knee products in three categories: ordinary primary, complex primary, and revision, 7 series, more than 600 specifications. The types, specifications and quality of hip and knee joint products rank first in China.
Since its establishment, JUST has always adhered to the path of professional development. "Committed to providing safe, effective and exquisite medical products and services" is the consistent corporate mission of......

About us
Doctor training

Technology sinks to the grassroots level, promotes communication, improves surgical techniques and advanced theories,

and has educational bases all over the south, east, northwest of China.
Dealer training

More than 10 years of training, more than 50 distributors,  
more than 3,000 technicians
have forged,

and melted orthopedic technician technology for professional technicians

Patient training

Caring for life, actively popularizing science, and consulting by famous surgeons, let the flowers of popular science spread to thousands of families,

and education bases are all over the south, east and northwest of the country

Education story
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